Lunch Box Creative Services
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Lunchbox Creative Services was started by two Sangers
(that’s why we called it ‘Lunch Box’)


Daniel Sanger

Daniel has worked in Australia & abroad with a number of large corporates including Adecco Group, NBC, CBS, Golf Channel (USA), BBC (UK) and Channels 7, 9, 10 & SBS (Australia) along with freelance clients. He is a talented & experienced designer, animator, and illustrator, brilliant at branding and happiest when he is totally absorbed in his work.

Daniel loves coffee with a passion, hates cheese (with a passion), and is a skilled illustrator and fine artist (when he gets the time).


Michelle Sanger

Michelle has worked for Fairfax, a few of Melbourne’s largest corporates & Lincraft (as their in-house creative & Editor). She has a wealth of copywriting experience with a particular interest in edm's and other response driven work, is an experienced designer and illustrator, keen camera operator and is passionate about social media.

Michelle is always making something, and is an exhibiting fine artist who loves cheese but doesn’t get to have it very often.