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We have a wealth of experience available at an hourly rate to help you focus on producing quality information for an exceptional result without employing a full time designer.

Our design studio team will fill the gaps in your team to ensure you are producing good-looking documents, that your presentations are powerful and your reports and publications are beautifully produced and readable. From complex documents to business cards, menus, or flyers, our team will bring fresh eyes to your project and help you shine so you can focus on doing what you do best.


Recent Examples

altus boardgame events delivered small.jpg

Altus Events Visulisation

Altus delivers turnkey precinct and route-based traffic management services to many of Australia’s leading event managers, including community, charity, sporting and other major events.

This 3d rendered visualisation was requested by Altus Events to explain their capabilities in a fun, illustrative fashion.   Presenting complex information in this way brings life and personality to the message and the viewer can get in there and move around, connecting with the objects and messages in an engaging and memorable way.

A visualisation can be used in presentations, as a poster or large format advertisement, in social media or web sites and we can even animate it as a short video.  Our client was very happy with the result and we have done a few of these for other arms of their business.